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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 2, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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waiver race. >> see why this is a holiday tradition we just had to get in on. >> this is the craziest. it's summertime in new zealand. the best place to be is at the jet sprint national championship. you guys are looking at the run of pilot rob and navigator kelly. they are both world champs. they are turning it out. going 80 miles per hour as they approach to cross the if finish line, they clip a tire. >> oh! >> where did it go? >> you guys, let me show it to you from another angle from the boat. >> oh! >> oh, man. turned into a rocket no that's what they said. the spinout had no water in it so it basically launched them. they landed 100 feet down in a gully. >> did they win? >> they did come in fourth
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>> who came fifth? angle. see how it launched itself out of the spin pool. >> insane. >> you can see the tires that they clipped and launched over you can hear them after the crash on the boat. >> [ inaudible ]. >> she did break her nose but says she will race again in february. it's going to cost them $136,000 to replace it. one of the reporters from one news outlet asked will insurance this? >> insurance unfortunately they won't insure matters. >> when they rebuild it they should add a wing. >> yeah. criminals caught on camera. first up in south africa, this businessman is pulling up to park and you'll notice another
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>> we've seen this. >> not a good sign. >> in south africa we know that's not good. >> never a good sipe, right. there's four men in that car. two of them have handgunses. one is prepared to drive away. the other one has a hammer. >> as soon as i saw the car even getting close to me, i feel like i would smash it or run away in reverse. >> i've mentioned it before. first trip i took to south africa the first thing i was told after i got off the plane was the carjacking procedures. they said hand it over. people get shot all the time. >> the robber starts to open the car doors as the driver starts to back out. getting ready to help them get away. cash, car keys and a cell phone. here's the part that gets me. the money that business owner had on him was money he had taken out of the bank to pays his employees oh. >> they searched his pockets got all he had and took off. fortunately the victim did escape with minor injuries.
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malaysia to keep the gates locked. these guys pull up. one starts to mess with the gate. gets it open. going to creep on in. >> don't think it matters if you lock the gate. so many videos from malaysia everybody has cameras on their houses and these guys walk right in. >> even if you lock the gate you can climb right up it. >> oh. >> stealing a kid's bike. >> still has the training wheels. >> that's cold blooded. >> in and out easy. gets the bike, puts it on the back of the scooter and they're out. >> that's one step above stealing candy from a baby. >> i have two videos that will make you say how sweet is that. >> what's wrong with you? >> steven was just driving down the road when he noticed some trouble off into the frozen lake there. he had to stop because he saw this deer right behind him stuck in the ice. you don't need to understand sign language to see the emotion
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you can see how the deer was stuck trying to get out of the ice. so stops his car, crawled across the ice slowly to make sure he didn't fall through and pulled this deer out. you can see, caked with ice. obviously very cold. steven says, she survived. he reaches over, gives this frosty deer a pet. >> like a guardian angel. look at that. it's like sort of senses it's ice. >> how long she's been there. >> was he by himself doing it? >> looks like it. thankfully he took care going out by himself. >> brave dude. that's awesome. >> a cute video of guys with cute animals. tell me you wouldn't love to have your own cue walla. >> i want one. >> watch this. >> come on. come on. >> how about better yet a cue walla that comes when it's called like a dog. climbs down the tree runs past the cat, climbs up this guy's arm.
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into the floor. >> i love kualas. >> this is actually poly and poly is a rescued kuala. the guy here that's working with poly is nursing that kuala back to health. >> eventually he has to return it to the bush. >> under the arm, up you go. we might be starting off a new year but before we look forward let's look back at some of the worst examples of running a red light of 2015. they're all a little bit ugly. we'll start in tucson, arizona, where i won't call this running a red light. >> oh. >> that's running from the cops by the looks of it. this guy comes careening through. takes out that car and just welcome to one after the other. doesn't matter if we're in florida. >> the first looked like a demolition derby. >> they all do. this guy loses the back of his car in florida. >> oh. then took out a lamp post. >> then we head to alabama.
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just keeps continuing. >> now we remind people that videos like this do not have serious injuries. that's why the ats road safety people put them on-line. they use videos like this to remind us all to be very careful when you approach a light and just watch. if it's red stop. >> absolutely. all about paying attention. see so many of the people as well as they're going through, the bright white flash. all of the people have been caught on the red light cameras as well. let's hope 2016 is the year when we all figure out red stops green goes. >> it's not a suggestion. when people are making the left turn and the light turns red, the last car still wants to sneak through. >> that's what gives the situation like that. a man starts to serenade his sweetheart at a sorry rey. misses.
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rapper. >> i'm going to look at you baby and say this. will you marry me? >> that didn't rhyme. >> and a zip line ends with a bang. >> oh. >> find out who takes a tumble. to feel this special... you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. bang. i love it eat special, feel special. discover more ways to eat special ...with special k. karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze.
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closed captioning provided by -- falling asleep. try new unisom sleepminis to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis . a stressful day deserves a restful night. start the year off right, folks, cell videos. zip lining in puerto rico. here he comes. >> oh! >> didn't see it coming. >> things don't look as close through the lens. when you're concentrating on getting the shot, things happen.
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boarding this looks like as slot of fun. making the right turn. oh! >> you better crash now before you go around that lefthanded. good idea. >> he crashes all right. rolls off the side of the road and keeps tumbling. i was watching like when is he going to stop. >> let's be glad he did. only 10,000 more feet to go. >> this guy got a bike for christmas and his wife let him open it early. she had to film it. he's trying to catch his footing there. >> good thing there was a bed there. i feel like he's going to be going good night. >> only a bed on the right rear. >> the wife is watching, everybody is watching. got to do it now. want to be doing this in private. >> after a little while he's going to start to get the hang of things. >> don't look down. look straight ahead. >> you got it, buddy. how does it feel?
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>> are you okay? >> you poor thing. >> get training wheels. >> that's why he [ inaudible ]. >> funny baby goat. freestyle. >> get into it. >> a big fan of the show and she sent this in to us because for her, nothing says romance like a little rap song. >> i heard about your freestyling. >> no.
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how about like christmas. >> that is andre wesley and they're asking him to freestyle. >> i have if anything i did with. >> yeah. >> may have caused you any type of sickness, you know i'm trying to make you my misses. >> oh! >> what? >> i think that might have been a proposal. let's keep listening because you got to have another verse. we've been in so many situations, still by my side and remain patient. so i'm going to look right now baby and say this, will you marry me? >> oh! >> oh! >> that didn't rhyme. >> it doesn't need to rhyme. >> i love these videos. the family setting. all you hear is everybody else. you can't hear the people involved because everybody else is losing it. >> i think because she hugged
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a yes. it's time to play real or fake and our buddy mack dreidel is back with wild new videos. >> fresh for 2016. >> next "right this minute." still to come -- >> selected a section of it and then pasted it into something else. >> wow. >> jack veil spies on random strangers for a prank. >> get out of my wise why it's part of a plan to protect them. an abandoned military base is turned into a massive ski jump. >> these are pretty. >> see how it wasn't all fun and games. >> yeah. everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing.
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when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. got to hand it to jack. i just love his videos. all he needs is a cell phone and goes to creep people out. the premise is simple as usual in a jack prank. he's sneaking up behind people getting a look at their computer screens on their phones. >> the angle is fine i can see the whole screen. >> talking about what they're doing. >> looking it for the best deal he can possibly get. there's -- there's so many prices. >> he's standing right there as he's doing it. >> scrolling down. >> dude is like don't get out of my business. >> some of them are whipping around so hard giving themselves whiplash. >> he goes back as well same guy later. >> he pulled up the calendar.
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mom busts you doing something you don't want her to catch you doing. >> got the laptop open. >> he's getting so many head turns. this gets a triple middle of a business meeting. >> looking at the spread sheet right now. >> wow. >> up on his computer. >> takes it further. starts taking notes as well. >> he's writing down people's e-mails. this guy gets freaked out. ends up calling jack out. >> just going to stand there. >> huh? >> just going to stand there. >> you want some coffee? >> no. i'm fine. >> jack goes so polite and gets away with it. >> i'm jack. >> i'm aaron. >> he's super polite and goes right back into it. the guy closes his laptop. it turns out it wasn't for any old reason. this is sponsored by 3 m. >> developed a product for
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>> skreetscreated this screen protecters to put on when you can see it straight on but to the side it goes owe make. goes around talking to these people saying this is why we're doing it explaining his weird behavior. >> freaking out, snooping around on my lapp top for. >> easy to watch the ski films with the giant tall mountains out in the alps and these guys skiing and jumping and flipping all over the place. i think videos like these are even cooler. this is from epic tv. jay and jesse went out for eight days at this abandoned canadian military base and just spent hours, days, building different ramps and leaping through the building. they have turned something that's abandoned into something else completely. >> they find some really cool places to get this done. >> a great place to shoot a skiing scene and zombie movie. >> no. >> i love this. think about the create it tifts
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not only to see this, but think where they're going to put the ramps and how they will jump on to the side of the building an skip off. >> i love how the graffiti artists made it colorful for them. it was already there. >> it does look money. >> perfect accident er inry and backdrop for the video. i appreciate these guys a lot for not only their skill and creativity but showing us what it takes to make some of these videos and to pull off some of these moves. they include some of the ofs. >> he was first apparently. >> oh. >> yeah. >> not falling into fluffy powder. you're hitting concrete, packed landing ramps. this is not an easy film to make. these guys make it looks easy. >> these are pretty epic. >> it's time for the annual race.
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wafer from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. >> see what happens when we get
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>> i start over. there is only one downside? my opinion to christmas that is eventually having it to take all the christmas decorations down. the christmas tree. wouldn't it be great if it only took 2.7 seconds. >> show me how. >> you will love it. all it takes is -- >> i want one of those. >> attach the christmas to the back. get it under control and go bye-bye. >> and the job is done. >> oh. >> i wish it were that easy. >> now they need to put like tarps down to catch all the
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>> a guy came up with this idea. only a guy could do it that badly and be sure they would never be asked to do it again. >> behind the scenes check it out on "right this minute." check out tv show or mobile app. guys, i think i've finally found the best use of a selfie stick. >> nice. >> look at that. cleared that no problem. >> he is definitely jumping. >> finally a perfect use for a selfie stick. look at that! >> is this his audition video for the new "lassie". >> "bay watch." look at the way the hair flows on the beach. >> this video was posted by omar and he trains dogs for all types of things, even trains dogs for movies. >> cool. >> filming his own movie. >> a dog shooting horizontally. >> i know. >> i was about to say. better than some humans i know. >> omar has posted other things. he can sign his own name, he
3:23 pm
>> a paw print? >> no. >> he uses a paint brush. check it out. sticks it in blue paint and there you have it. >> holy cow. >> and like a maestro they're showing him where to put it. >> that's so cool. >> just really smart. or trainable. >> i've had prescriptions that were less legible than that. >> that's incredible. >> a border collie mix and pretty cool dog. >> i do not believe that. everybody's family's christmas comes with tradition. the good family may have one of the most funniest traditions i've ever seen. it's the annual vanilla wafer race. basically, watch the video. >> the office race is to get a vanilla wafer from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. by the looks cheating is permitted.
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but i love his technique. i cheat. go. >> it's amazing the faces they have to make in an attempt to manipulate this race into their mouth. makes this game hilarious. we found this video with double digits. i'm expecting this one to explode. >> it's just so fun. what a great way. as you get older, the gift giving isn't as exciting as it was when you were a kid. this just is so fun to do. >> it's stuck on my mustache. >> it's pretty difficult because it takes a while before we do get a winner. >> hilarious video. i saw and we need to right this minute. >> hey, everybody. >> apparently the tradition started by the grandmother and she collects prizes throughout the year and whoever wins takes the prizes home. no prizes apart from bragging rights. place it on your forehead.
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no hands. ready. three, two, one. go. >> start over. >> you got it. this is the craziest. >> oh, my gosh. almost -- >> go! >> right there. >> it pays to have curvy hips and curvy cheeks. >> thanks for joinings us today, everyone. and from all of us here at
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